integration of winscard patches: ideas for implementing test cases?

frechdachs69 frechdachs69 at
Fri Nov 7 12:27:16 CST 2008

Hi together!

I am currently wondering which test cases make sense after an integration of 
winscard patches. So far most API calls are directly related to pcsc-lite 
behaviour and therefore we need a result from pcsc-lite which is comparable 
with what Win/winscard.dll would return to us. But this is almost always 
depending on the smartcard reader setup at the local machine. As a result I 
see a problem to automate such tests without having underlying assumptions 
concerning the attached smartcard readers and maybe inserted (or not) 
smartcards (i.e. specific hardware is necessary). Any ideas? Does anyone know 
whether someone has written a virtual card reader which can be accessed using 
pcsc-lite (i.e. an IFD handler exists which simulates reader behaviour)? 
Maybe together with the option to insert a virtual card? If not then I am 
going to subscribe to the pcsc-lite maling list and ask this question there, 

Any other ideas how to automate winscard tests to be able to add such tests to 
the regression test suite?


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