Please, look at my patch, I'm not sure it's correct

Vitaly Perov vitperov at
Mon Nov 10 07:48:50 CST 2008

> 2008/10/31 Vitaly Perov <vitperov at>:
> > This patch add a stub implementation of IMarshal interface.
> >
> > I have no experience at implementing interfaces, so I'm not sure it's
> > implemented correctly.
> > Please, look at this patch. I'll be grateful for any remarks.
> What makes you think IMarshal is supposed to be implemented by
> HTMLDocument objects?

I have no idea how to implement this. At this moment I need only a stub.
Maybe this stub implemented in wrong place.
Do you have any idea where it should be implemented?

Best wishes,
Vitaly Perov
Russia, Saint-Petersburg.

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