Make Wine and the tests dpi aware

Detlef Riekenberg at
Wed Nov 12 14:41:32 CST 2008

Wine use some fixed values for calculating gui elements, 
and hopefully the current values are verified with tests.

The tests works in Windows, but only with the default settings:
96 dpi ("Small Fonts" / "Kleine Schriften") and the default theme.

It would be a good idea to run the tests also for different settings.
A first step should be using 120 dpi (Large Fonts) on Windows,
and fix the tests and our Implementation.
(comctrl32 has lot's of issues).

For Patchwatcher, it should be possible to require selectable tests
to run on more than one Machine with different settings.
That way patchwatcher can detect 96dpi vs. 120dpi problems.
Other possible testing improvement include color-depth and screen size

By by ... Detlef

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