implement OleLoadPictureFile

Jeremy Drake wine at
Wed Nov 12 18:51:08 CST 2008

On Wed, 12 Nov 2008, Juan Lang wrote:

> >> This patch implements OleLoadPictureFile based on the MSDN docs
> >> ( and what I saw
> >> when stepping through in windbg on XP.
> Stop right there.  Implementing stuff based on looking at disassembly
> is expressly not allowed here, sorry.
> --Juan

The only thing I used windbg for was to verify that I was wrapping the
correct function.  The only knowledge gained from windbg was that
OleLoadPictureFile calls OleLoadPicture.  The rest of the patch was
written based on OleLoadPicturePath in the same file.  If you don't
believe me, compare the function added in this patch with that function.

Please don't automatically disqualify my patch because I double-checked
that I was calling the correct function.

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