RFC: Wine Icons

Joel Holdsworth joel at airwebreathe.org.uk
Fri Nov 14 12:03:50 CST 2008

> This way, when theming is implemented, the icons and the theme will
> both match the user's desktop environment. It's more complicated than
> just implementing Tango, but visually it makes more sense.

I totally agree. Of course hardcoding visuals isn't nearly so cool as
doing them "properly", but right now that's what we've got - and these
hardcoded visuals are even being "upgraded", so if they're being
upgraded then wouldn't it be better to upgrade in the direction of some
kind of a standard?

At least in the past the visuals sort-of looked consistent with Windows
98. Now they don't look consistent with anything. Don't get me wrong:
the new icons I see aren't specially bad - it's just that they don't fit
with anything else.

I wonder if we can fix this.

Best Regards
Joel Holdsworth

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