Governance of Wine with respect to the Software Freedom Conservancy

Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Nov 14 13:33:52 CST 2008

Hi folks,

As you may recall, several years ago, we decided to work with the
Software Freedom Conservancy to ask them to manage aspects of Wine that
merited the shield of a formal organization.

They have been great, and a great improvement over our former process.

I thought I'd send an email out for the record, expressing what they do
for us, and how that is governed.

First, there are essentially 2 major assets they manage for us.  They
manage all funds donated to Wine - the donate button goes into a bank
account they manage.  They also hold trademarks to the Wine logo that
they filed on our behalf.

For decisions on how to spend funds, we've adopted a loose set of
guidelines.  That is, Dan Kegel, Alexandre, and myself are in contact
with them.  The goal is that all 3 of us agree on every decision, but 2
of the 3 of us must concur with any decision before it is effective.
We three can appoint anyone else we choose to replace or augment the
decision group.

All decisions are CC'd to the WWN author (currently Zach Goldberg) for

The SFC will recognize a 'revolt' by the Wine project.  That is, Dan,
Alexandre and I can be overthrown, once you figure out our evil plans,
if the SFC is persuaded that the majority of Wine contributors agree on
that point.  Patch count in the Wine tree will be the primary mechanism
to recognize a contributor.

Finally, all spending by the SFC on Wine's behalf for the last few years
has been related to Wineconf.  That has either been to pay for
conference expenses directly (as in Reading, 2 years ago), or to help
defray travel costs for Wine contributors to come to Wineconf (as
happened this year).



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