d3dx9: Add ID3DXSprite tests (review please)

Tony Wasserka tony.wasserka at freenet.de
Sun Nov 16 05:47:38 CST 2008

This is my first test, so I think it's better to ask for feedback on 
wine-devel, first.

There are some points, where I wasn't sure what to do:
line 26: Is using inline okay here? IIRC that's C++ only, but other 
tests do it the same way...
line 82: Is it legal to demand A8R8G8B8 support here? Otherwise, how 
would I do this without making the code overcomplicated? For what other 
formats should I check then?
line 120-123: I hope it's okay to use hardcoded matrix values here, as 
the point of that test is only to make sure that the same matrix gets 
line 215-253:
    1) Is it okay to initialize D3D that way?
    2) Can I simplify the initialization even further?

Also, I'd like to know wether the code in general is clean enough. Any 
other feedback is welcome, too.
Best regards,

(Note1: This test only finishes successfully if my recent ID3DXSprite 
patch series is applied, but I already had all of them pass/todo'ed.
 Note2: visual tests will follow later, this is just for the basic 

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