msxml3: Determine whether to call xsltInit() or not at run time.

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Mon Nov 17 09:57:58 CST 2008

Michael Karcher wrote:
>> As a reminder, the issue is that it's not because the we
>> compile against has xlstInit() that the one we load at runtime will have
>> it too. And vice versa.
> Wait a moment. I don't know about Wine's dl* functions, but can't we use
> dlsym with the RTLD_DEFAULT handle to look in the libxslt
> is linked with anyway? That would do away with the need to know the
> soname during compilation. As it is hardcoded into the executable during
> link, hard-coding the soname doesn't hurt that much too, but still it
> gets simpler

I tried that but apparently libxslt does not get loaded with 
RTLD_GLOBAL. So RTLD_DEFAULT did not work :-(
But if I missed something and there really is a way it would be great.

wine_dl*() is a thin wrapper around the dl*() functions. If you ignore 
the last two parameters (used for error reporting), then they behave 
exactly like the standard functions.

Francois Gouget
fgouget at

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