dlls/oleaut32: add tests for OleLoadPictureFile(Ex)

Jeremy Drake wine at jdrake.com
Tue Nov 18 10:51:15 CST 2008

On Tue, 18 Nov 2008, Michael Karcher wrote:

> Looks OK to me, but what happened to your finding about
> INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND? Was it a red herring?

I saw that on XP, but I couldn't reproduce it on Windows 2000.  I need to
investigate this further.  Is there a mechansim to do
windows-version-specific tests?

> > I ended up having to add OleLoadPicutreFile and OleLoadPictureFileEx to
> > the .spec and .c files as actual functions (for now just returning
> > E_NOTIMPL) in order to get the test to even compile.
> Might be that they don't appear in the ELF export table otherwise, and
> as we don't crossbuild the tests, the imports are done by the ELF
> linker/loader. BTW: In general, if you add stubs like this, please add a
> FIXME call showing the parameters and saying stub.

How do I show the VARIANT in the FIXME call?

> This fragment repeats over and over, sometimes with PICTYPE_BITMAP
> instead. Might be worth refactoring that into a function. todo_wine
> works for function boundaries. If you refactor, you should pass that
> function __LINE__ information and print it in your OK calls to know
> which of the tests is failing if something fails.
> You do a lot of tests like this. Setting disp to "(void*)0xdeadbeef"
> instead before allows you to differentiate between disp unmodified and
> disp explicitly set to zero.

Good ideas.  I'll do that.

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