spec file syntax for VARIANT parameter

Jeremy Drake wine at jdrake.com
Wed Nov 19 15:11:05 CST 2008

In order to implement OleLoadPictureFile and OleLoadPictureFileEx, it will
be necessary to change their entries in oleaut32.spec from stub to
stdcall.  The stdcall syntax wants a list of parameter types, which puts
these functions in an unususal situation: they take a VARIANT (which is a
struct, in case anyone is not familiar) by value as their first parameter.
There does not seem to be any type defined in the spec file that fits this
situation.  I have been using ptr in my last couple of patches which add
stub implementations for these functions, but when I tried to build this
on cygwin I got errors like:
undefined reference to `_OleLoadPictureFileEx at 20'
undefined reference to `_OleLoadPictureFile at 8'

Looking at the functions that are present in the .o file, I see they are
really _OleLoadPictureFileEx at 32 and _OleLoadPictureFile at 20.  Changing the
spec file to list each VARIANT as 4 longs fixes these errors.

My question is, should my next version of the patch list the VARIANT as 4
longs, or is there some better way to specify this that I'm not aware of?
If not, is there a comment syntax for the spec file where I can explain
why there are 4 long params where there should be one VARIANT?


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