shdocvw/tests: Make the webbrowser test dpi aware, make is pass in wine

Paul Vriens at
Thu Nov 20 02:32:58 CST 2008

Detlef Riekenberg wrote:
> I set every dpi between 72 and 100 on Windows, wrote down the results
> and
> multiplied the results with the dpi value.
> The formula ist the best guess.
> Works on win98, w2k, Wine
Hi Detlef,

This one introduces some extra failures now.

If I look at the comment in your patch it says:

/* The default size is dpi dependent (96:1323x529 / 120:1058x423) */

and if I look at some of the results on

webbrowser.c:1840: Test failed: size = {1323 529} (expected 1322 529)

This suggests that the calculation in the ok() should be rounded up? Or maybe 
deal with both situations?



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