Wine release 1.1.9

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Nov 22 07:55:17 CST 2008

Alexandre Julliard a écrit :
> Francois Gouget <fgouget at> writes:
>> On Fri, 21 Nov 2008, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
>>> The Wine development release 1.1.9 is now available.
>>> What's new in this release (see below for details):
>>>   - A large number of regression test fixes.
>> <nitpick>
>> Actually it's not regression tests, and it's not regression fixes.
> It's not regression fixes, it's fixes to the regression tests. And yes,
> they very much are regression tests, that's the reason I run them
> several times a day after applying patches. The conformance aspect is of
> course important too, but it's not their main use, as demonstrated by
> the number of failures and todos we currently have. So I'll continue to
> call them regression tests, if you don't mind ;-)
actually, *non* regression tests would be more appropriate... <g>


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