mshtml: Add new interfaces into mshtml.idl (try 2)

Konstantin Kondratyuk kondratyuk at
Mon Nov 24 12:02:00 CST 2008

Hello, Alistair!

On Monday 24 November 2008 14:59:30 you wrote:
> Non of the Functions in IMarkupPointer should be marked as retval,
> likewise for IMarkupContainer.
> IElementSegment functions are in the wrong order, likewise for
> ISelectionServicesListener, ISelectionServices and IHTMLEditServices.
> Also you will need to double check the [] values, since you have retval
> where they are not needed.
> If you have a copy of the mshtml.tlb you can verify the interfaces by
> using wine's oleview program.

Is it possible to consider results of oleview it is unique the true? The 
attribute "retval" is not present in one of adding interfaces. 
And your advice ([out, size_is(*pcch)])
> HRESULT Right([in] BOOL fMove,[out] MARKUP_CONTEXT_TYPE* pContext,[out] 
> IHTMLElement** ppElement,[in, out] long* pcch,[out, size_is(*pcch)] OLECHAR* 
> pchText)
does not prove to be true (from oleview's results).

I have checked up and have corrected an order of methods in all interfaces. 
But oleview has shown a method in IHTMLEditServices which is not described in 

    HRESULT _stdcall SelectRange(
        [in] IMarkupPointer* pStart,
        [in] IMarkupPointer* pEnd,
        [in] _SELECTION_TYPE eType);

What is correct?

Thanks for your advices

Best regards,
Konstantin Kondratyuk.

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