Revert "mshtml: Added support for DOCHOSTUIFLAG_SCROLL_NO DOCHOSTINFO flag."

Jacek Caban jacek at
Mon Nov 24 16:31:40 CST 2008

Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
> Since Jacek did not comment on the bug 14311, revert patch in question. It
> restores 100% functionality of the scrollbars in Steam.

The fact that I didn't comment doesn't mean anything. I didn't have time 
to work on it and I'm currently looking at it (BTW, with today git other 
Steam bug is fixed). I know that it doesn't make any difference for 
user, but from technical point of view, there was no regression. Steam 
draws its own scrollbars and doesn't use built-in MSHTML scrollbars. 
Previously there were two bugs:
- MSHTML scrollbars were not hidden
- Steam scrollbars didn't work
The patch that you want to revert (with fixes apps like CS3 installer) 
fixed the first problem. Now the second one needs to be fixed.


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