RFC: Proposed new web site design

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 18:59:12 CST 2008

Random thoughts:

- I like it.

- I agree that there should be a very short description of what Wine does.
Probably summarizing it in 2 sentences or so where the "Run Windows
Everywhere" currently is.  Something like, "Run Windows applications on
Linux and OS X without installing Windows.  Wine is a compatibility layer
for running Windows programs."

- The icons next to "Information", "Help", and "Donate" are ok.  The icon
for Download doesn't seem as eye-catching, but the icon for Development
seems a little wonky.  No, I'm not going to offer any better suggestions.

- I don't mind secondary scroll bars.  For the haters, maybe show the
current news for 4 seconds, and then start it automatically scrolling down?

- Can, or should, WineHQ take over the wiki from Dimi?  This might be a good

- I don't know which search terms people use to find Wine, but this sounds
like a good chance to do some search engine optimization.

- Currently if you go to the wiki, you can navigate back to WineHQ, AppDB,
Forums, etc on the left.  The sample doesn't have that.

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