RFC: Proposed new web site design

Remco remco47 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 22:23:37 CST 2008

A few comments from an outsider:

* Looks very Web 2.0-ish. Gradients, glossiness, rounded corners, dark
background. You might want to tune it down slightly to make it look
more polished. But this may just be my personal dislike for Web 2.0

* I am missing an introductory text. It should be really short, like:
"Wine lets you run Windows programs on Linux and the Mac, so you don't
need to buy Windows." (Addendum: That introduction in the latest
relayout is too technical and long.)

* About the big links: great! WineHQ was always hard to navigate, but
this is really nice! The grey text is a little hard to read though. I
think it wouldn't hurt the overall readability if the contrast was a
little higher, say #777 or even #555. The smaller size already does
the job of making that text secondary to the links.

* I really liked the random screen-shots that showed what Wine could
do. Maybe it could be worked back into the new design at the bottom of
the page? Something like: "Wine can run many programs, including
these:" And then three screen-shots with a caption that says which
program it is. Those then link to their respective AppDB pages. It
could be too much clutter though.


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