RFC: Proposed new web site design

Ben Klein shacklein at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 23:26:35 CST 2008

A few comments from a long-time supporter and amateur web-developer:
* I like the look of it! Very nice work
* I agree with previous comments about the nested scroll area, however
I believe that a brief News section does belong on the main page. If
no other (reasonable) solution is presented, the current mock-up
layout is tollerable
* Tables for layout? Only if you have to (should consider browser
targeting here, i.e. does WineHQ want to support IE6?)
* Again related to browser targeting, CSS-based "roll-overs" should
ideally be prefered over Javascript ones
* A brief description of Wine would be suitable for the main page,
possibly even as little as changing "Windows Software Everywhere.." to
read "Windows software on Unix-like systems"
* I'd suggest changing "Information" to read "About" (maybe a bit
nit-picky, but it seems less formal)
* Perhaps we could integrate some of the key FAQ items into the
Information/About page, e.g. running from the command-line, maybe even
the one on DirectX. At the least, a direct link to the FAQ would be
nice :)

I do like the new layout a lot and with any luck it will stop people
in #winehq complaining that they can't find appdb, or the search bar,
or even where to download Wine from. Well done once again!

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