RFC: Proposed new web site design

Scott Ritchie scott at open-vote.org
Tue Nov 25 00:42:07 CST 2008

Austin English wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 12:27 AM, Scott Ritchie <scott at open-vote.org> wrote:
>> We also don't really need a link to AppDB from the big buttons in the
>> front - AppDB is only the place to go when you're looking for it (hence
>> the button in the upper right) or once you know something about Wine
>> (hence a link in the about page).
> I disagree. You could make the same argument against
> bugzilla/forums/wiki. The frontpage should serve as a portal to the
> rest of the site. Many times when I needs appdb/wiki, I go to
> winehq.org and then click the appropriate link.

I'm not arguing against that - we absolutely should have an AppDB and a
bugzilla link in the corner.  They're very useful.

I'm just saying such a link doesn't have to also be among the large,
friendly buttons at the left, which is where a complete newcomer's eyes
are drawn.  A newcomer who doesn't know what they're looking for, and
thus probably doesn't want AppDB or Bugzilla yet (but does probably want
About, Download, or Support)

Scott Ritchie

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