RFC: Proposed new web site design

Vit Hrachovy vit.hrachovy at sandbox.cz
Tue Nov 25 02:31:24 CST 2008

Hi all,
I'm really excited about the new redesign effort.
Overall the first attempt seemed more consistent.

I like the vertical alignment more.
I've got troubles to get oriented in the second attempt.

Black background of search dialog seems more consistent with the page style.

I'm absolutely happy with the top buttons:
   WineHQ, Wiki, AppDB, Bugzilla, Forums

That would make winehq my default site instead of using 3 addresses.

I'd vote for hover hints in Wiki left menu.

Scott Ritchie wrote:
> Cesar Izurieta wrote:
>> Here's a quick relayout with some of the ideas posted in this thread:
>> http://caih.org/wine/WineHQ.html
> Ewww.  The vertical alignment is much better, and the news dragging to
> the bottom is just tacky.
> Scott Ritchie

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