RFC: Proposed new web site design

Stephen Gentle lists at stephengentle.com
Tue Nov 25 07:52:37 CST 2008

It's looking pretty good, but I think that the one at 
http://caih.org/wine/WineHQ.html is a little better. What I really don't 
like about them is that everything's a bit too rounded, which looks a 
little tacky. The icons, tabs, and white backgrounds could all be 
squarer. Also, the icons and links are probably a bit too big.

Anyway, I hacked together a quick idea of how the tabs could possibly be 
made a bit nicer - http://stephengentle.com/media/images/wine/tabs.png . 
I didn't put in any of the content, or most of the boxes, but it's more 
the tabs I was focusing on. I also made the wine glass logo a little 
smaller, and the main box less rounded - which I think looks better. The 
WineHQ test could probably be made a little smaller as well...


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