mshtml: suppress module unloading until we figure out why some apps crash with it enabled

Jacek Caban jacek at
Tue Nov 25 14:47:02 CST 2008

Dan Kegel wrote:
> This prevents
> ( looks
> like a nice, scary article on the subject. )

-    return module_ref ? S_FALSE : S_OK;
+    /* Some apps crash if we let mshtml be unloaded.
+     * Until we figure out why, don't let mshtml be unloaded.
+     */
+    return S_FALSE; /* module_ref ? S_FALSE : S_OK; */

I think we should prevent unloading mshtml.dll if Gecko was loaded. To 
do it I'd suggest to increase module count in load_gecko function (it 
will never be decreased so DLL won't be unloaded).


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