Implementing wtmpnam in msvcrt

Michael Karcher wine at
Sat Nov 29 10:35:02 CST 2008

Am Samstag, den 29.11.2008, 10:27 -0600 schrieb Tim Holy:
> Hi Juan,
> Many thanks for your help. This compiles now. I think I must not have 
> something else defined, though, because when I run the program I still get a 
> message saying wtmpnam is not implemented.
No. But Juan Lang misunderstood your question about the underscore. In
the line

@ cdecl wtmpnam(ptr) MSVCRT_wtmpnam  // needs an underscore?

"wtmpnam" does need an underscore, as the undefined function is named
"_wtmpnam", see the log you posted. Juan said, it just has to match you
C file. This is true for the "MSVCRT_wtmpnam" part of the same line.

  Michael Karcher

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