wineconsole: Wait on events in curses backend using select instead of poll

Kirill K. Smirnov lich at
Sat Nov 29 16:38:22 CST 2008

>Should I add a 
>check for sys/select.h in the configure script and conditionally included 
>it, surrounded by HAVE_SYS_SELECT_H? Or would sys/time.h, sys/types.h and 
>unistd.h be enough to consider it reasonably compatible?
Ideally - should. But...
1) There isn't any 'select.h' substring in whole wine tree.
2) There is a file libs/port/usleep.c which uses select() but it does not 
include any meaningful headers except "config.h" and "wine/port.h". Are these 
two headers enough wineconsole - I have no idea. Alexandre knows better ;-) 
Try and see ;-)

>After fixing this, I guess I should just submit a new patch against the 
>current upstream git (not against the old patched version), with the same 
>commit message, replacing the old one?
Yes, and mark a new mail subject with tag '[try 2]' to easily distinguish 
between different version of the same fix.


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