Fw: selinux in fedora 10 regarding text relocation in wine and mono.

Hin-Tak Leung htl10 at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Nov 29 18:30:21 CST 2008

I sent this a few days ago from my "other" e-mail alias and it hasn't come back, so it probably got lost in the spam-filtering - anybody has similiar issue?  

> So I have upgraded to fedora 10... now when I run wine with
> mono for some .Net application I get selinux blocking it,
> saying:
> -----------------
> The mscorsvw.exe application attempted to load
> /home/Hin-Tak/.wine/drive_c/windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v2.0.50727/mscorsvw.exe
> which requires text relocation. This is a potential security
> problem. Most libraries do not need this permission.
> Libraries are sometimes coded incorrectly and request this
> permission. 
> ------------------
> And a few other similar errors. Should I file this with
> redhat with their shipped policy, wine or mono? I guess it
> should be with redhat, but
> somehow I have the impression that I might be asked to file
> this with wine-devel.
> Any thoughts on this?


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