Usability: WineCfg Part 1 -- Desktop Integration tab

Reece Dunn msclrhd at
Tue Oct 7 17:26:10 CDT 2008


Reading up on the wineconf WWN issue, I noticed that it mentions
usability and winecfg. Therefore, I decided to dig up my RFC relating
to some ideas I had about winecfg that I sent to the list.

I have attached a mockup of my ideas, which I have added to since my
original mail.


NOTE: Ignore the groupbox being called "Theme", it should be "Appearance".

1.  The "(No Theme)" text is replaced with "Wine Default". No theme
does not make sense -- there is a theme, it is just the default one
that Wine is using.

2.  The "Install theme..." button is now "Load...".

3.  There is a "Save..." button to save a users theme modifications.
This makes it easier to create custom themes (especially colour-based

4.  There is a divider between the theme and appearance settings. This
is to make it clearer that these are separate, but related.

5.  The "Item" list field always has an item selected (currently does
not select an item by default). This helps keyboard navigation.

6.  The "Font" button has an elipsis at the end. This button brings up
another dialog, so should have an elipsis.


1.  The term "Shell folders" is replaced with "Folders". Using the
word "shell" is too confusing for users, as they don't know what the
shell is.

2.  The "Map the Wine folders to the default locations" option allows
the user to set all known folder types to be mapped to their Linux
desktop equivalents.

3.  The list has been replaced with a dropdown and restructured. This
should provide a better user experience (no more link to) and

4.  There is a "Reset to default" option that sets the current folder
to its Linux desktop equivalent.

5.  The "Browse" button now has an elipsis. This is because it
launches a dialog.

== OTHER ==

1.  We may want to provide a set of colour themes (e.g. Windows 95,
Windows 2000, Ubuntu Human, ClearLooks, KDE Oxygen) to provide a
better experience for the user by default - i.e. not just have the "No
Theme" option initially.

2.  We may want to be able to load a theme using the command line.
This would allow - for example - distributions to setup Wine with a
theme that matches their desktop, providing a more integrated
experience to the user.

3.  We may want to have a "Use the system's appearance" checkbox to
enable Gnome/KDE/other integration, so that the colours and/or
appearance is picked up from (and updated with) the native Linux
environment. This would go above the theme drop-down.

Comments welcome.

- Reece
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