Wineconf follow up: Wine Usage Data Collection

Zachary Goldberg zgold at
Wed Oct 8 13:50:07 CDT 2008

> I don't see why we need to ignore other prefixes. My concern was
> simply do we run this for every prefix creation and store it within
> the prefix, or are we going to store it elsewhere, under for example:
> '~/.local/wine/survey-status'.
> Either way, I'd love to see this done, I'm moreso just curious about
> implementation.
> - Austin

I agree.. and im curious: are there any other information bits we
would like to collect or display at firstrun / wineprefixcreate?  If
people see other needs for it I think it might be appropriate for Wine
to have a 'first run' dialog with some basic information / tips and
the question about survey opt-in.

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