Wineconf follow up: Wine Usage Data Collection

James Hawkins truiken at
Fri Oct 10 16:14:40 CDT 2008

On Fri, Oct 10, 2008 at 4:00 PM, Chris Ahrendt <celticht32 at> wrote:
> Yes I am sorry for the long post =) but he did ask for some of my
> thoughts =)
>> Most debugger GUIs on Linux are (somewhat sucky) frontends to gdb. I'm pretty
>> sure it's possible to create something similar for winedbg.
> Cool thats all I am saying here... is provide the hooks  =) the gdb
> interface for winedbg is really kludgy.... or I found it to be... so
> just get rid of the middleman =)

If you've found a problem with winedbg, or a certain feature is
missing, then file a bug.


All the rest of your wish list, and I'm pretty sure I didn't miss
anything, has nothing to do with Wine in particular, or there is
nothing that can be changed in Wine itself to accommodate your wishes.
 Most of your wishes sound like IDE integration problems that need to
be brought up with those particular projects.

I absolutely agree with Kai on the difficulty level.  The threshold
for Wine development is very high.  If an interested developer can't
get anything done without the items on your wish list, then how can he
successfully hack on Wine?  General development skills are just the
door to Wine development.  Once you walk through that door, fixing
Wine is a whole other can of worms.

James Hawkins

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