Adding Flawfinder to Patchwatcher

Wesley Parish wes.parish at
Mon Sep 1 04:27:30 CDT 2008

One thing you might do is check your email settings.  I received at least 
twenty coppies of this email - twenty * 3.1 MB.  Not nice.

Wesley Parish

On Friday 29 August 2008 08:59, Austin English wrote:
> I had a discussion with Dan about adding Flawfinder to the
> patchwatcher. Currently, it's got some pretty generic errors, but it
> seems able to test only patches, so we wouldn't be flooded with old
> nonbugs (or we could set up a blacklist of safe errors). For
> reference, I've run it on today's git. I'm attaching the full log, as
> well as a condensed version of the most common errors (1 per error
> type). Looks like a lot of chances for buffer overflows..
> Thoughts?
> -Austin

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