Proposal: switch Wine source tree to utf-8

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Tue Sep 2 05:43:53 CDT 2008

Dan Kegel wrote:
> The Chinese resource files are already utf-8,
Romanian was always utf-8. Slovenian seems to be on a quick glance utf-8 
only too.

German, French and Spanish have a few files in utf-8 too.

> but I suspect lots of other files are in obscure character
> sets, which complicates patch processing and display.
> Just how silly would it be for us to bite the bullet
> and set all source files to utf-8?
> We'd need to recode a bunch of files once,
> but after that, there'd be less confusion about
> how to view and edit various resource files.
Preferably that should be done by a translator of the language. There 
might be some oddities that prevent a full automatic recoding: e.g. 
Romanian uses latin-2 and that one has only a "t with cedilla" which 
exists in utf-8 too but utf-8 has the more correct "t with comma below 

> Not saying we should up and do it, just
> throwing out an idea for discussion...
We should encourage the translators to move to utf-8.


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