Proposal: switch Wine source tree to utf-8

Ken Thomases ken at
Tue Sep 2 17:22:22 CDT 2008

On Aug 29, 2008, at 11:10 PM, Dan Kegel wrote:

> Just how silly would it be for us to bite the bullet
> and set all source files to utf-8?
> We'd need to recode a bunch of files once,
> but after that, there'd be less confusion about
> how to view and edit various resource files.

One area that I know will be a problem is in winex11.drv/keyboard.c.   
The keyboard tables there are expected to be in the encoding that  
will be in effect at runtime.  That is, the bytes need to equal to  
what will be returned by XkbTranslateKeySym and X[mb]LookupString.

So, that file is a mishmash of multiple encodings.  Each table is in  
a different encoding, the one most likely to be used with that  
keyboard.  I guess we could replace non-ASCII characters in the  
tables with escaped hex codes, although that makes it more difficult  
to edit (at least for folks using the encoding in question).  We  
should probably comment each table with the encoding being used.


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