Patchwatcher online

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Sep 5 12:24:17 CDT 2008

OK, I've checked in the updated Patchwatcher source
and have turned email notifications back on.

I also told it to rerun the most recent 11 patches,
just to test that it's sending the good patches to

The results page
looks nice and green; the blacklist at
filters out all the tests that tend to fail on my
test machine infrequently enough that they
show up in the five baseline test runs, but
frequently enough that they caused bogus
failure reports in the few hundered patches I've

It would be *very good* to whittle that blacklist down to zero.
I should update
with a script that runs just the problematic tests over
and over again.  (Or maybe I should start a new bug, that
one is pretty long.)

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