Fixing the conformance tests

Paul Vriens at
Sat Sep 6 05:19:19 CDT 2008


As we are slowly progressing towards a more green there are 
still some conformance tests that fail either on all platforms or with a 
specific configuration (like IE7).

This email is merely to list those and see if the SME's can have a look in these 
tests. (I didn't put to much effort in stuff below XP and left out user32)

Tests with timeouts
- dplayx:dplayx fails with a timeout on all windows servers
- msi:install fails with a timeout on a lot of windows servers

Tests that fail with IE7 installed
- hlink:hlink has a consistent 8 failures on servers with IE7
- mshtml:htmldoc has 8 failures on servers with IE7 (and more, but also on others)
- shdocvw:webbrowser has 3 failures on servers with IE7.

Tests that fail starting with a specific OS (or level)
- msi:package has 16 failures on XP-SP3+ and 16 extra on W2K3-SP2+
- ole32:storage32 has 24 failures on XP-SP3+ and 24 extra on W2K3-SP2+
(both the above have to do with access rights on files)

Tests that fail on Windows and succeed on Wine
- ws2_32:sock has 1 consistent failure on all Windows boxes but not on Wine

Tests with failures on all Windows boxes
- riched20:editor has failures on all boxes
- urlmon:protocol either has timeouts or failures on all boxes
- urlmon:url fails with 6 consistent failures on all boxes

The above is a subset of all the failures and are not the easy ones. There are 
still loads of tests that fail on only 1 OS or even on 1 server.



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