Fixing the conformance tests

Rico Schüller kgbricola at
Sat Sep 6 16:37:08 CDT 2008

Dan Kegel schrieb:
> This aborts for me in just five seconds.   Can *anyone* run it for
> an hour without failure?  If so, how can I duplicate your setup?
> - Dan
These tests run without any issue for me (200 times) - in virtual 
desktop mode and fbo (haven't checked the default settings yet):
    comdlg32 printdlg
    dsound ds3d8
    riched20 editor
    wininet http

kernel32 thread: This crashes randomly.

comctl32 tooltips: This fails always in virtual desktop mode but in full 
screen mode the test runs without problems, it only fails if I move the 

d3d9 device: This works with OffscreenRenderingMode = backbuffer or 
pbuffer without any problems. But with fbo it always crashes.

ddraw visual: This works with OffscreenRenderingMode = backbuffer. But 
not with pbuffer and fbo (random error).

user32 input: If I move the mouse in the upper left corner the test 
fails. It always fails if "Allow the window manager to control the 
windows" is enabled (this is the default, isn't it?) otherwise it runs fine.

user32 win: This always fails.


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