Fixing the conformance tests

Paul Vriens at
Sun Sep 7 05:54:34 CDT 2008

James Hawkins wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 6, 2008 at 5:19 AM, Paul Vriens < at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> As we are slowly progressing towards a more green there are
>> still some conformance tests that fail either on all platforms or with a
>> specific configuration (like IE7).
>> This email is merely to list those and see if the SME's can have a look in these
>> tests. (I didn't put to much effort in stuff below XP and left out user32)
>> Tests with timeouts
>> ===================
>> - dplayx:dplayx fails with a timeout on all windows servers
> According to Ismael, he has a few fixes that cut the time needed in
> half.  Ismael, what's the status on this?

Unfortunately half won't do. I've tested this on an XP of mine and it 
already took 8 minutes before it crashed. (I'm very interested in the 
results on Wine once most of the dplayx stuff gets implemented.)

>> - mshtml:htmldoc has 8 failures on servers with IE7 (and more, but also on others)
>> - shdocvw:webbrowser has 3 failures on servers with IE7.
> Jacek has stated he doesn't have much time or interest in fixing
> these, so the plate calls again.

Time is a valid argument. No interest isn't. How can we be sure to 
implement the correct stuff if the conformance tests fail? (At some 
point in the not to far future we could only have IE7 boxes where the 
tests are run).

> Folks, fixing the tests is a relatively easy task.   It's also a great
> way to become better acquainted with the code base and the development
> process if you're new to working on Wine.  For current developers, if
> you've written tests in the past, check out every once
> in a while and see if any of your tests are failing.  And yes, we do
> care about failures in win9x.  The average number of test failures
> today is 64.7, which is down from 72.4 a month ago*.  Let's get that
> down to zero.




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