Fixing the conformance tests

Ismael Barros razielmine at
Sun Sep 7 12:08:43 CDT 2008

On 9/6/08, James Hawkins <truiken at> wrote:
>> Tests with timeouts
>> ===================
>> - dplayx:dplayx fails with a timeout on all windows servers
> According to Ismael, he has a few fixes that cut the time needed in
> half.  Ismael, what's the status on this?

I managed to cut the time (in 3/4, if I recall correctly) just
changing a default timeout value in a function, but times were still
bigger than desired (around 7 minutes for all tests, I think).

Then I tried to run all tests concurrently, but it looks like dplay
doesn't like concurrency too much, in my Windows XP I started seeing
~200 errors in tests that produce 0 errors when run secuentially. When
running like only the 4 first tests at a time, it somtimes produced
errors, sometimes didn't, and I'm afraid random results in tests are
not really liked.

This attempt to make the tests concurrent can be found at

I'll try to figure out how to solve this, but right now and until next
week I'll be busy with exams, and even after that I won't have much
time to spend on wine. If somebody wants to quickly get rid of those
errors for now, it'd be okay to comment the test calls out in the
START_TEST of tests/dplay.c, I'll re-enable them when I find a

About the errors in non-XP versions of Windows, I suppose I'll have to
get and virtualize them to run the tests against them.


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