Coverity and Wine (was: re: Adding Flawfinder to Patchwatcher)

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Sep 7 19:25:40 CDT 2008

Jason wrote:
> I'm pretty sure Coverity's tool, Prevent, costs money to buy.
> IIRC if the maintainers of an OSS project ask them to,
> they will set their server to
> run a scan on that project's code and upload
> the scan results to the web at no charge

And they in fact do this for Wine.  We've fixed a number
of issues it found, see e.g.
There are lots more to fix.

The last scan they did was in late May, though.  They
say they migrated to new servers and have been
slowly bringing up all the OSS scans again.
They haven't given a target date for having Wine's scan back online yet.
- Dan

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