[1/5] secur32: Require gnutls for schannel

Marcus Meissner marcus at rennboot.centrumbabylon.cz
Mon Sep 8 16:43:09 CDT 2008

On Mon, Sep 08, 2008 at 11:37:39PM +0200, Henri Verbeet wrote:
> 2008/9/8 Marcus Meissner <marcus at rennboot.centrumbabylon.cz>:
> > Hmm,
> >
> > I really do not think gnutls will have a long feature,
> > NSS seems to be the future choice of crypto frameworks :/
> >
> > Ciao, Marcus
> >
> I did have a look at NSS, but didn't see a way to make it work with a
> simple buffer, which makes in impractical to use for schannel.
> Perhaps I missed something there though. Another option would of
> course be to implement TLS ourselves, it's not all that complicated
> actually.

Hmm. The security guy in me says "do not reimplement" ;)

If its easier with gnutls, please use it. (It will not go away
due to lots of software requiring it).

Ciao, Marcus

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