Launching a Linux Executable from a Windows app Running under Wine

Mike Engelhardt mike.engelhardt at
Tue Sep 9 10:24:46 CDT 2008

I write a Windows application that I want to be
useful under Linux & WINE.  I want to use xchm to
view the help documentation .chm file since
WINE doesn't yet properly display this .chm file
which was generated with third party tools and
includes advanced features.  xchm does render the
file acceptably and I'll e-mail the .chm file to
anyone interested in that.

But for the time being, I want to simply launch
xchm from my app whenever my app finds itself
being run under WINE.  What I have is done so far
is system() a command with path names of xchm
and my .chm file that seem to basically be trying
to outsmart WINE outsmarting Windows.  Clearly this
is an ugly hack and is not a long term solution.

Is there a supported/recommended manner of launching
an X Window System executable with Linux absolute
path arguments from a MS Windows application running
under Linux & WINE?

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