Praise of sorts for Wine re Softmaker Office 2008

Susan Cragin susancragin at
Wed Sep 10 10:17:35 CDT 2008

>Dan Kegel wrote:
>> has a review of an office suite named Softmaker Office 2008,
>> available for Windows and now also Linux.  The review says in part
>> "Irritiert hat uns, daß die Windows-Version von Office 2008, die
>> von Stick gestartet werden kann, unter Wine besser, schneller
>> und stabiler läuft, wie die native Office 2008 für Linux. Wer also
>> die Windows-Version legal erworben hat, kann hier Geld sparen."
>> ("It irritated us that the Windows version runs better on Wine
>> than the native Linux version.  If you have the Windows version
>> already, save your money and run it on Wine.")
>> That's praise of sorts... although I hope it doesn't
>> dissuade other vendors from doing native ports.
>> - Dan
>I noticed the same type of thing when I was playing with DVD Shrink a couple 
>days ago. Ripping speed in DVD Shrink via Wine was significantly faster than on 
>Windows. What usually is a 2.5 hour process was about 1.5-1.75 hour process.
>I agree though, hopefully the software vendors will do native ports :).

I just attended the convention for the National Verbatim Reporters Association in Savannah, where I demonstrated DNS 9.0 running on WINE with Ubuntu Studio (realtime kernel seems to make a slight difference). All the vendors were impressed, and one said he'd never seen DNS 9 run that fast, that accurately. 

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