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 Exactly my thoughts....? and might make things a little easier for new people coming in...? But I don't know if it can be done 
once the trace has started...? I do know that +relay intermixes its output with a thread id in it... so there would be some need 
to say once a new thread starts... do you want to trace that thread etc.... Is what I am asking doable? or is it a 'pipe' (snicker) 
dream..... (hey it was there and I had to use it)




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> 2) A way to select? the debug flags used with an explanation of > what each is for... +sed is for this +relay does that...etc....???

> 3) When you do +relay you could open separate output windows for > each thread?

> 4) The ability to turn each of the +relay wine thread output on or > off...?

Sounds like you have a tool in mind to switch tracing flags on and off while the app is running in Wine. That would be awesome.?

A GUI has not only the advantage of being more attractive, it also shows/documents the available switches and (hopefully) tracks them.?


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