d3dx9_36: Fix the tests for native Windows.

Tony Wasserka tony.wasserka at freenet.de
Wed Sep 10 13:23:08 CDT 2008

yeah, but your patch is only semi-correct in that regard.
What you are referring to (d3dx9.dll) is an import (IMPORTS) of the test 
program, i.e. a dll which is needed to run the program. What your patch 
is doing with that var is correct (i.e. we must use d3dx9_36 instead of 
However, the IMPORTLIB is the lib which is used to compile the program. 
And if Vista didn't change anything about it (and I'm quite sure it 
didn't), this MUST be d3dx9(.lib), for some reason, which is only known 
by the Microsoft programmers.
So this means, your patch indeed fixed RUNNING the test applications 
under Windows, but now they won't COMPILE anymore, because the linker 
won't be able to find d3dx9_36.lib (the IMPORTLIB) This is assuming you 
didn't install Wines implementation of course; one should be able to 
compile the Wine D3DX9 tests out of the box with the official DirectX SDK.

Best regards,
> Hi,
> Yes, I learnt that in IRC. But there is a real problem. With a native 
> box, there is no d3dx9.dll. So, wine-test mustn't call it.
> Currently, wine-test calls it and all the tests are skipped in a real 
> windows box. You can check it in the wine-webpage  that collects all 
> the test results.
> David
> 2008/9/10 Tony <tony.wasserka at freenet.de 
> <mailto:tony.wasserka at freenet.de>>
>     Hi,
>     At least for all Windows versions below Vista, the d3dx9 importlib
>     does exist (and d3dx9_36 does not),
>     so either something is screwed up with your system or Vista is
>     handling it otherwise (in that case we need
>     another solution though).
>     Best regards,
>       Tony

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