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Wed Sep 10 22:22:14 CDT 2008

Chris Ahrendt wrote:
> Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
>> Do not top post! Especially with html message!
>> celticht32 at wrote:
>>> So is there a way... from say something like GDB to send a message to
>>> wine to do the same thing..
>>> The problem is the task manager is envoked in wine correct? so If we are
>>> debugging its kind of
>>> hard to get to the taskmgr.... 
>>> Chris
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>>> Markus Amsler wrote:
>>>> Wine's taskmgr has in the Processes tab a context menu entry "Edit
>>>> Debug Channels ...". Unfortunately it's broken.
>>> No it's not broken. You can only enable/disable debug channels from
>>> there
>>> that were enabled with WINEDEBUG env var at the start of the program.
>>> This
>>> is optimization AJ put in place a long time ago.
>> You can read the source of task manager and see how it's doing it.
>> Vitaliy
> So again I ask.. is there a way from something like GDB to do the same
> thing? Yes I can look at the task manager but if someone could explain
> it could be documented and possibly turned into IC for others to use...

It's not that easy. Task manager reads/writes directly into the memory of
the process to get state, enable or disable debug channels. So yeah you can
do that from GDB, You just need to find exactly the place to read from/write to.

This is such a pain because it's made to be fast with a minimal overhead.
Not to be easily used on the low level.


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