d3dx9_36: Fix the tests for native Windows.

Tony Wasserka tony.wasserka at freenet.de
Thu Sep 11 01:55:25 CDT 2008

> On Mi, 2008-09-10 at 18:16 +0200, Tony wrote:
>> Hi,
>> At least for all Windows versions below Vista, the d3dx9 importlib does 
>> exist (and d3dx9_36 does not),
> I installed a recent dx9-runtime on my w2k test system, but a d3dx9.dll
> is not
> present (d3dx9_36.dll exist).
> I get always a blocking popup, when the testlist is created.
You are speaking about the IMPORT d3dx9_36.dll.
I was talking about the IMPORTLIB which is called d3dx9.lib,
which is part of the DirectX SDK and used to compile d3dx9 applications, 
whereas the dll file is used to run them.

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