Size of SUBHEAP in heap.c

Martin Profittlich martin.profittlich at
Thu Sep 11 11:21:35 CDT 2008

Michael Karcher wrote:
> Have you tried to run with warn+heap? In that case, on each
> HeapAlloc/HeapFree, heap integrity will be checked. Also freed blocks
> are directly overwritten with dummy data. The behaviour of warn+heap
> might be insightful.

warn+heap does not produce any additional messages.

> The size-dependent behaviour might also indicate alignment issues: There
> are SSE instructions that insist on 16-byte alignment. If these are used
> and our size of SUBHEAP happens to make the data only 8-byte aligned,
> that might cause a crash, too.
> In this particular case, I think the crash log does not really indicate
> an alignment problem, but a "x/i $eip" in winedbg on the crash might
> help to check further. I suspect a [edx-1] address while edx contains a
> NULL pointer.

x/i $eip does not show anything after the address.
x $eip shows 3004290f

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