xinput implementation

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Thu Sep 11 20:38:44 CDT 2008

Henri Verbeet wrote:
> 2008/9/11 Andrew Fenn <andrewfenn at>:
>> In that case I will have a try at implementing it. Can someone have a
>> look at this patch I made and offer any advice on where I may be going
>> wrong (incorrect syntax, etc).
> The directory should be called after the dll. Ie, xinput1_3 instead of
> xinput. You also don't generally want to submit changes to
> autogenerated files like configure or dlls/, although IIRC
> they will just be ignored.

But you need to submit changes to files that these auto-generated files are
 created from. In this case

I will add that you need to create a proper DllMain() function. See any
other stab dlls for examples.

Makefiles please use tabs and set your tab size to 8 spaces.

Why do you need libxinput? xinput is a standard dll.


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