[PATCH] pass correct buffersize to LCMapStringW

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at codeweavers.com
Sun Sep 14 10:01:06 CDT 2008

"Michael Karcher" <wine at mkarcher.dialup.fu-berlin.de> wrote:

>> >     ok(ret, "LCMapStringW must succeed\n");
>> > -                       symbols_stripped, -1, buf2, sizeof(buf2));
>> > +                       symbols_stripped, -1, buf2, sizeof(buf2)/sizeof(WCHAR));
>> >     ok(ret2, "LCMapStringW must succeed\n");
>> >     ok(ret == ret2, "lengths of sort keys must be equal\n");
>> >     ok(!lstrcmpA(p_buf, p_buf2), "sort keys must be equal\n");
>> LCMAP_SORTKEY takes the target buffer size in bytes in both A and W versions.
> Do you have any references for this claim? Wine doesn't implement it,
> MSDN mentions only characters and there is no Wine API test to prove
> your statement.

Wine does implement that, and MSDN clearly describes the case of
generating a sort key too.

>> > -    ret = LCMapStringW(LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT, 0, upper_case, 0, buf, sizeof(buf));
>> > +    ret = LCMapStringW(LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT, 0, upper_case, 0, buf, sizeof(buf)/sizeof(WCHAR));
>> >     ok(!ret, "LCMapStringW should fail with srclen = 0\n");
>> The size of the target buffer doesn't matter at all in this case, since
>> the API is supposed to fail due to source length being 0.
> Even if the size doesn't matter, this line should get fixed, as the Wine
> tests are a kind of of Win32 API reference by example. IMHO you
> shouldn't include such misleading parameters as the size in the wrong
> unit into API usage examples.

This particular test doesn't depend on the size of the target buffer,
be it 0, -1, or whatever.


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