howto fix bug 13462

Louis Lenders xerox_xerox2000 at
Mon Sep 15 10:14:08 CDT 2008

Rob Shearman <robertshearman <at>> writes:

> I suggest you write a test case that replicates what the application
> does and either send it to wine-patches with appropriate todo_wine's
> or attach it to the bug.

Well, it looks like the app is only checking if the uuid of the interface is
defined using Context_QueryInterface, and that's about it. 
It doesn't really seem to try to use anything from it, as Erich's initial hack
is already enough to get the apps running as well (this

> It might help you understand what needs to be done or it will help
> someone else implement the functionality that is causing the
> application to fail.

So as far as i can tell, the functionality doesn't need to be implemented at
all, it's just enough to fake as if it would exist, by returning S_OK, when 
Context_QueryInterface is called for this specific uuid.

So what now?

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