General Questions

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Mon Sep 15 11:19:36 CDT 2008

Hi Scott,

> When I finally get the patches to pass the patchwatcher regression test,
> is there anyway for me to know what is going on with the patch.
> Is Juilliard looking at them? Are they rejected? How long does the patch
> review process take? Is it just Julliard doing them?

These are some of the most asked questions around here.
1) Yes, Alexandre looks at all patches.
2) If a patch isn't committed right away and doesn't get any comment,
it's usually in the dreaded "not obviously correct" category.  This
usually means that something about it just doesn't "feel" right, so it
doesn't get accepted right away.  It's your job to convince Alexandre
that it's correct.  Test cases in the regression test suite go a long
way for this.  If you've gotten feedback on wine-devel and haven't
addressed it, your patch often will get ignored by AJ, as there's an
existing concern that's gone unaddressed by you.
3) Depends on the patch.  The review time is short for obvious
patches, and longer (though more than a week is atypical) for less
obvious ones.
4) Yes.

If you're unsure what's happening with your patches, and you've
addressed every concern brought up on wine-devel, try asking AJ on

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