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Jeremy White jwhite at
Mon Sep 15 15:16:07 CDT 2008

We've had a lot of fun hacking on Chromium these past few weeks.

We did have a few things that we rushed along to include in the
CrossOver Chromium builds that haven't properly baked here on
wine-devel.  I thought I'd share them in case anyone else wants to match
what we did.

First of all, we were working against dev build 21 of Chromium,
not Chrome.  Note that newer builds of Chromium now work (thanks to
a patch by Alexandre), but they're pretty unstable.  We got our dev
build from here:

We find we have to have both Times and Arial (or replacements in the
registry) in order for it to run stably.

We have 3 winhttp patches we used that we're going to clean up and get
into WineHQ properly, but here they are in raw form:
  winhttp_reset_content_length.diff  fixes a glitch in winhttp on redirects.
  winhttp_flags.diff fixes a fairly obvious mistake (and turns out to be
the gating factor for gmail support)
  winhttp_cookies.diff is the beginning of a cookie manager; Hans is
still working on this one.

Also, we used the following

  focus.diff (hack by Alexandre, makes single tabs work okay)
  gdi hack by Huw, makes the map hand on not a blob


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