ntoskrnl: Implement server side of get_device

Peter Dons Tychsen donpedro at tdcadsl.dk
Wed Sep 17 15:10:06 CDT 2008

Hi Vitaliy.

Thanks for your comments,

> My first question: what will you do with that pointer if that driver is
> loaded in the separate instance of ntoskrnl? Driver that calls
> IoGetDeviceObjectPointer will most likely try to dereference the pointer it
> got back.
You are right. Something is not right here. I will investigate it
further. Maybe i need to take a copy of the handle which is suitable for
the context.

> You leaking reference to device here. Need release_object( device );

> In your patch please include changes to server/protocol.def only and not any
> other automatically generated files. Make it a separate commit in your tree
> and just don't send it to wine-patches.
I totally agree. I don't even think these files should be in git *at
all*. Auto-generated files do not belong in the revision control system.
In this case they should be generated by the build system. I also
noticed that there are no dependencies for these files, so they are not
re-generated when protocol.def changes. This should be fixed.

But Alexandre does it the same way i did it. That is why i did it.
Look at this:


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